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Private Video Conference

As much as I wish I could be everywhere at once, I'm only one person! Clients often ask if I can upload YouTube videos for certain looks, but I’ve found that doesn’t benefit the client as much as getting personal time with a makeup artist, especially if you have an important event to attend.

That's why I've decided to offer two tiers of personalized video content for my clients in lieu of a generic set of YouTube videos. Now, you can schedule one-on-one time with me via secure video conference calls hosted on the servers. I'll be able to chat with you face-to-face and guide you through how to achieve the perfect look for your big day, but it will be on your schedule and customization.

Package One: Personalized Special Event Live Chat

Sometimes, it's just not feasible for you and I to meet in person. This can be an issue of timing, schedule conflicts or proximity.

Whatever the reason may be, I've decided to offer clients a "remote MUA" option for their big events. This means that you get instructional one-on-one time with me via video conference calls as well as consultations via phone and email. You get 100 percent of the benefits an in-person client would but at a time and location that works best for you.

What's Included in Your Package:

- Initial consultation via phone or email to discuss goals and product requirements
- Color analysis for each person included in your party
- Zoom video conference for step-by-step look tutorials
- Personalized advice for application techniques
- Exclusive MUA tips throughout the makeup process
- Email recap of key session highlights
- Custom face charts for each person in your party
- Personal product evaluation and additional time for questions

Who Can Benefit From This Package:

- Bridal parties
- Clients in need of event makeup
- People with upcoming dates or job interviews
- Anyone seeking personalized makeup guidance

Additional Details:

- Can be scheduled for up to eight people (larger parties can inquire for accommodation)
- Hourly rates determined by party size and individual needs
- Video sessions can be recorded for reference as an add-on service
- If live calls cannot be arranged, custom videos can be created


Package Two: The VIP Experience

Many people only need one-time professional makeup service for special occasions, but some clients want a more immersive experience.

This package is an intensive workshop for men and women who wish to elevate their overall makeup skills to the next level of artistry. Instead of simply creating single, event-day looks, I'll be creating over six hours of video content exclusively for your needs, skill level and goals. This will be done via Zoom video conference calls, customized videos, telephone and email according to your preferences and schedule. I will also be available for brief questions and "emergency" help if needed.

At the end of your custom workshop, you'll have complete confidence in your ability to create stunning looks for daytime, nighttime, special events and even long days in front of a camera.

What's Included in Your Package:

- Evaluation of current makeup skills
- In-depth color analysis
- A series of video guides on basic concepts such as: color correction, application techniques, transitioning looks and how to apply camera-friendly makeup.
- Additional video guides tailored to client request
- One-on-one sessions via Zoom for creating looks, teaching, advising and general consultation
- Email recaps of all Zoom sessions plus face charts for all looks created
- Personalized "emergency MUA" remote assistance

Who Can Benefit From This Package:

- Executives
- Public speakers
- Actors
- Anyone frequently "in the spotlight" (e.g. - television personalities, pastors, performers, vloggers, coaches)
- Executive assistants
- Clients interested in seriously elevating their makeup skills

Additional Details:

- Single clients only
- Video conference calls can be recorded at client request


What is Color Analysis?

You've probably heard celebrity stylists or beauty gurus say things like "I'm more of a Summer," or "Winter tones are best for me," but it's totally normal to have absolutely no idea what that means.

Color analysis is a service that professional makeup artists and personal stylists are trained to perform for clients in order to help them look their best. The color palettes are divided up according to the four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Each palette incorporates a different set of colors and tones that can help you understand which hair colors, makeup looks, nail polishes and clothing colors look best on you.

When I do color analysis for clients, I take into account their hair color, eye color, overall skin tone and the undertones present in their skin. By doing this, I can tell them which colors will make them look the most complimentary, radiant and vibrant.

Wearing the right shade combinations for your unique coloring is the best tool you have for making your features pop, so I include color analysis in every session I schedule. What it comes down to... I want to be able to help as many of my clients as possible look and feel their best, as this is TRULY my passion. These remote MUA packages are the perfect way to schedule a session with me regardless of where you live and what your schedule permits!

If you're interested in booking either package or simply want to know more, email me at, or feel free to schedule a complimentary phone consultation~ 415.419.7612

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