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How much time should I expect my makeup session to take?

For a full face of makeup, including lashes, please allow at least 1 hour from start to finish. For light hair styling, please add an additional 15 minutes.

My event isn't until the evening, how long will my makeup last?

I use studio-quality makeup products, that are designed specifically for long wear durability. Because of talking, eating, drinking, and "life" your lip color may need touch up. Fear not~ after our session, I will send you with an applicator and a sample of the lip color we used, so that you can re-apply at your convenience.

How long can I wear my false eyelashes for?

The lashes I use (individual and strip) are designed to be taken off when you take your makeup off in the evening. They are, however, reusable. You can store them in a dry, clean area, to re-apply for your next event. They have a 3-4 use max, before you would want to purchase new ones.

I'm having a photoshoot, and am wondering what your "on location" service means?

I have all tools and products necessary to create a full makeup and hair style anywhere, at anytime. This is a great service to the client, so that no matter where their shoot will take place, be it a beach, lake, industrial urban area, or Forrest, you can have an artist with you, and not need to meet at a studio or store, and go out of your way prior to your session.

Do you require a deposit?



Photoshoots require an $85 booking fee, which is non-refundable. If the photoshoot is canceled or rained-out, this fee can be applied to your next, rescheduled session.

The remaining balance is due upon the date of service.


For weddings/events, to secure the date, a deposit of $300 is required upon booking. This is refundable up until the trial run. After the trial has taken place, it is no longer refundable, and the remaining balance must be paid on the date of service.


Film work and commercial shoots, payment will be stipulated as per the contract of the production company/daily payment schedule- please send me an email for further inquiries regarding structure.


For private classes, a 50% booking fee will be required to secure the date, and the remaining balance (based on how many hours you request) will be due upon the date of class.


Group class rates will be a 50% booking fee upon scheduling. Remaining balance due upon date of class.

How can I credit you on social media?

After you receive your images from your even or photoshoot, it's greatly appreciated if you tag my Facebook business page/instagram handle to showcase how beautiful you look!
I will also use the images as examples of my work on my website and social media outlets. If you need assistance, or aren't social media savvy, I'll be happy to help you. :-)

Department stores will do my makeup if I spend some amount in product purchases. How is your service different?

I have spent many years in cosmetic retail industry, and am very familiar with their offerings.

I'm formally trained in makeup application for film and photography purposes. I can understand and execute looks that will translates flawlessly for your session. Each client is different, and I plan each shoot carefully and passionately. I make sure I get to know you well in our conversations and interactions, and get the look that YOU want. If you don't have a relationship with the artist applying your makeup, ideas and wants can sometimes be misinterpreted, and as a result, you may not be 100% satisfied with your look.

I also offer to stay on location with you (for an additional fee) to help with touch ups and a "mini look change" (like different lip color and some smokeless to the eye makeup).

Do you travel to different cities for makeup sessions?

Yes! Anywhere out of Sonoma county, a $50 charge for travel will be applied. For places further than that, please inquire with the location of the event/session, and I will quote you accordingly.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept all forms of payment.
For the booking fee, I can take credit or debit card, pay pal, check or cash. For the remaining balance paid on the day of service, cash or check are preferable, but I am equity to take credit or debit card ($5 processing fee will be applied).

Can I take you home with me to do my makeup every morning?

Yes. It's amazing how quickly I will consider moving in with the promise of feeding me delicious treats and taking me on your vacations. ;)

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